The Gryphon Institute is the division of the Gryphon Foundation that constitutes a cohort of coaches, mentors, consultants, and counsellors that offer pro bono services to our target beneficiaries including youth, interns, and owner-managed SME’s.


  • Available, eager and ready to provide pro bono services
  • Accredited with a relevant professional body
  • Honesty and integrity
  • Strong desire to add value to others

Online Application

If you fit the criteria and are interested to join this collaborative community, fill in the online application and we will be in touch soon.




Any donation today will support our vision:

  • To create permanent employment for 100 000 youth by 2030
  • To raise the average household income in our target communities to a minimum of R17 000 per month by:
    -   Growing local economies through SME sustainability, growth and resilience
    -   Sponsoring programmes that foster interdependent business communities that co-create strategies for success.