This year, The Gryphon Foundation proudly marks its tenth anniversary.

Over the past decade, while youth unemployment rates have fluctuated, our commitment to tackling this challenge has remained steadfast.

Since we piloted our internship programme in August 2015, we have empowered 28 young people, provided vital job training and work experience, while broadening their exposure to the professional world. 

This youth month, we honour not just our achievements, but also the contributions of young people. Their stories and struggles in the quest for employment deepen our understanding and enhance our sense of responsibility. 

Our innovative profiling sessions and vision interviews have provided hundreds of youths with insights into their personal and professional values, helping them navigate their career paths more effectively. These one-on-one sessions have been crucial in uncovering undiscovered capabilities and guiding their educational and career choices.

In our first decade, we have grown from a regional programme in Ekurhuleni to a national presence by expanding into the Western Cape. This growth reflects the success of our programme and the unwavering support of our partners and community.

As we look to the future, we aim to amplify our impact, reaching even more young South Africans and equipping them with the tools to overcome unemployment and thrive.

Join us in celebrating youth month and our ten-year milestone. Your support—through partnerships, donations, or simply spreading the word—is vital for the next ten years of our journey.

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