Firstly, we can all agree that we cannot create nor control time.  Although, there are certain life experiences that may give a sense of time being in slow motion, but it can never actually stop. Since we cannot manipulate time, we can surely manage ourselves within it.

You can start by clearly defining your goals and allocate how much time is required to complete each task.  Thereafter, create a structured plan for the day or week ahead with which you will follow accordingly.

Recently, we as The Gryphon Foundation initiated our first profiling session outside the local community.  As part of the preparation, we created a time planner for the event.  Only a 3rd of the team could travel down to the Western Cape and there were not as many “hands on deck”.

Despite the taxi violence, the candidates exceeded the expected number. Even though our plan was well structured, the time allocation was not in proportion to how it turned out.  As a result, last-minute adjustments had to be made in the moment and even so, the team managed to carry out the process with success!

A quote by John Dewey states: “We do not learn from experience… we learn from reflecting on experience.” This is important because reflecting on the efficiency of your time planning allows you to assess your progress and make the needed adjustments.

Remember that effective time management is not overloading yourself with tasks. It is the balance between achieving your goals while maintaining your personal wellbeing. 

If you are interested in being a part of the profiling and placing of our candidates, you can support them in any of the following ways:

Monetary contribution:

  • Sponsoring a candidate to attend and complete a work readiness programme.
  • Sponsoring a candidate for completing the internship profiling.
  • Sponsoring a fully profiled candidate for an internship programme.

Non-monetary contribution:

  • Donating of stationary (A4 paper, pens, pencils, sharpeners, and erasers).
  • Donating 30 minutes of your time per candidate for rehearsal interviews.

Alternatively, we invite you to join The Gryphon Institute which constitutes a cohort of coaches, mentors, consultants, and counsellors that offer pro bono services to our target beneficiaries including youth, interns, and owner-managed SME’s.

If you fit the criteria and are interested to join this collaborative community, fill in the online application and we will be in touch soon: