A limiting belief can affect us to such a great extent that it becomes the channel through which we decide. That channel is narrow, and the narrowed vision blurs out the various options we have when making a decision.

For instance, consider a scenario where you are running late to work.  The route you always take is packed with traffic.  In that moment you conclude “there is no other road to the company but this one” and you easily slip into a buzz of frustration.  Instead of limiting your options, you can turn on the GPS to find another way for you to get to work and maybe it will be free of traffic.

Although a GPS is handy, it is different when you are in a position of making a serious decision that could alter your entire future.  What do you do when you are dealing with a limiting thought in this predicament and believe that you only have one option?

First off, you will have to take away the blur from your vision.  Do away with the assumption of the outcome and base your predictions on facts or examples of others that have overcome a similar obstacle.  This will free your mind and enable you to think outside the box.  Then, once you have considered other possible options weigh them out by measuring the success rate of each. 

When you have a variation of choices it will be easy for you to pick out which one you believe is best for you.

In most cases limiting beliefs may be generalizations that we have internalized over time and sadly we allow this thought to take the steering wheel and drive us to a dead end.

By questioning this belief and its validity, we can begin to challenge and reframe the thought.

Don’t be late for work! Turn on the GPS and grab hold of the steering wheel.