Imagine you are just about to build your dream house and you layer the first brick out of thousands.  Perhaps you are at the starting line of a new career, and you take the first step with miles ahead of you.  In both these instances, one would surely find relief in “looking at the bigger picture”.  

Big picture thinking is looking at everything, not just one situation or instance, in order to paint a full picture of a situation and respond accordingly.

This kind of thinking is vital especially when you are in the midst of decision-making.

Here are a few reasons why:

1. When focused on the bigger picture, you gain a broader understanding of the context surrounding a situation or issue.

2. Looking at the bigger picture can prepare you for the long-term consequences of your choices allowing you to plan ahead of time.

3. With this perspective, the mind automatically taps into strategic thinking. This enables you to develop effective options to navigate complex situations and achieve your objectives.

4. The bigger picture often involves evolving environments. By having this in mind you become comfortable with the thought of change, making you more adaptable and resilient.

5.  A broader view of everything also encourages us to consider the ethical implications of our decisions.  When we are considerate of how others may be affected, we are inclined to making thoughtful choices that prompt responsible and sustainable decision-making.

In summary, looking at the bigger picture enables helps us navigate the complexities of life and work, towards a more holistic and meaningful approach.