At The Gryphon Foundation, our objective is to see the average household earning an aggregate income that obliterates poverty thresholds in our target communities. Therefore, we give the unemployed youth (18-22 years old) the hope of a brighter future through our “Grassroots” Internship Programme that offers practical work experience and potential full-time employment. 

Before placing our candidates, they are profiled and assessed in various ways.

Below is the breakdown of the profiling:

  • Pitch: The pitch forms the base of the profiling. Here the programme is explained with its benefits and participants are invited to join the programme.
  • Assessments: The assessments drive deep self-introspection that clarifies one’s values, passions and aspirations. This analysis helps to avoid a future conflict of values which brings career dissatisfaction.
  • Vision interviews: Vision interviews are held shortly after the pitch and assessments day. This is a 30-minute one-on-one session with a candidate during which a vision for their career is clarified. This motivates them to make short-term and long-term goals that form the stepping-stones to achieving their dream career.
  • Rehearsal interview: This is a practice interview. It prepares the candidate for a placement interview by practising their interview skills. This part completes the profiling and the candidate becomes eligible for placement.

From the pitch up until the final step of the profiling, we aim to inspire our candidates so they may be focused to build the momentum towards achieving their career aspirations.

If you are interested in being a part of the profiling and placing of our candidates, you can support them in any of the following ways:

Monetary contributions:
•Sponsoring a candidate to attend and complete a work readiness programme.
•Sponsoring a candidate for completing the internship profiling.
•Sponsoring a fully profiled candidate for an internship programme.

Donate here:

Non-monetary contribution:
•Donating of stationery (A4 paper, pens, pencils, sharpeners, and erasers).
•Donating 30 minutes of your time per candidate for rehearsal interviews.

Should you be willing to donate your time or stationery kindly send an email to:


Thank you for your support!