“Begin with the end in mind.”- Stephen Covey

What does this really mean?

To begin with the end in mind is to visualize your life, career, or a specific project the way that you want it to end up being before you begin pursuing it.

Think of it in the sense of preparing a nice meal. Before you begin, you take note of the ingredients used in the recipe along with the measurements and which steps to take in a particular order.

For example, imagine you want to prepare a meal you have been told about that you have never made before. Without any clue of what this meal should taste like at the end, you begin to prepare it in the absence of a recipe. There is a good chance that your tastebuds might retire upon the first bite.

Such can be avoided by simply visualizing the end product and the process in detail. This is not only a smart strategy to achieve a desired outcome, but it also comes with a self-driven mechanism that keeps you motivated to reach your destination. When you make this conscious effort, you take much greater control over your life and the outcomes of your decisions.

So, what did you have in mind for the year 2022?

Did you accomplish all goals you set in the previous year for this year? If not, don’t worry there is always opportunity to do things differently.

In preparation for your 2023 new year’s resolutions, BEGIN WITH THE END IN MIND!