One may walk over the highest mountain one step at a time.” – John Wanamaker

Looking back, you might have never been interested in taking a video call or even scheduling any video conferencing meeting, feeling that you might be out of touch with the virtual experience. But now, you’re a video conferencing PRO, working in real-time, and expressing your utmost love for video conferencing platforms. You’ve mastered the ins and outs of working with admitting people into your meeting room, sharing multiple screens, and even successfully maintaining your connection with others during a meeting. If this is you, pat yourself on the back.


Navigating the virtual world is a mountain you’ve conquered step-by-step. We can imagine the number of times you reluctantly asked friends, tech-savvy teenage kids, Google, and YouTube for support and with frustration and impatience knocking at your door, you kept on learning and adjusting. You see, whatever the form of support, it is crucial to our dynamic personal evolution and with it, we truly can appreciate our journey.


We acknowledge that this is an integral part of our internship because 90% of our interns have completed their internship and 85% of our interns have remained employed with their participating employers upon completing the programme, confirming that support is indeed an unsung hero.


Below is a testimonial, submitted by our 14th intern Dumisani Spambo, who shares his Youth Employment programme experience. We are so grateful to have the trust of these young people in their career development journey.

Become a PRO in another step-by-step journey by mentoring our interns.

Your career and life experience is priceless to young people starting their career development journey