The Foundation supports a youth employability initiative programme piloted in 2015 and since then, 22 young individuals have been placed in owner managed businesses. With your help, we could add a couple or zero’s to those placement numbers. In 2020, we launched a fundraiser series in order to accelerate our efforts toward achieving our goal of creating permanent employment for 100 000 Youth (ages between 18 – 22) by 2030.

Your donation throughout this fundraiser series will ignite the momentum we need towards achieving this goal. Your presence at our next event would be appreciated

The fundraiser series is a collaborative effort with speakers who are passionate about leadership success, business growth, youth employment and international travel. This series is highly interactive and aims to re-energize your business and your chosen career with purpose and passion through insightful conversation that is strategically thought-provoking.

By registering and donating to the event you will be:

1. Contributing to the sponsorship of eligible candidates to complete the Internship Programme at a cost of R 32 000 per intern. [more about the Internship Programme]

2. Eligible for the live prize draw for the Social Media Intelligence (SMI) Mentorship Programme. This platinum package is valued at R 21 000 sponsored by The Mufasa Coaching Practice (Pty) Ltd [more about the programme] for the opportunity to preview the SMI Mentorship programme before the event, see the “Giveaway” below.

Register for our event:–tqDooGd3Ju3__K3uQKKb9ZkbbaT6g


The Foundation has teamed up with a business mentoring and coaching company, The Mufasa Coaching Practice, to bring you a chance to win their growth-boosting mentorship programme. The winner of the prize, will nominate one of their active social media platforms they use for analyses, so that a report is generated that will clarify how to improve their digital marketing techniques and target market segmentation. In addition to the report, the winner will receive a 30 minute experience to explore new strategies that re-energize their vision and marketing strategies.

How To Enter the Giveaway

1. Follow our Twitter account

2. Retweet the pinned post Comment with what your business does.