“Alone we can do so little, together we can do much” – Helen Keller

One of our group companies has been exploring live readings on Facebook for over a month and, we began with the ‘Energy Leadership’ book by Bruce D Schneider that taught us that “all that matters is energy” and now we have moved on to Mary Beth’s O’Neill book titled Executive Coaching with Backbone and Heart.

In her book executive coach, Mary Beth mentions a force field made up of all the relationships, connections and interactions we have acquired over time called a social interactional force field. She notes that like a spider’s web, the interactional field is resilient, “strong yet flexible”, can withstand any interference or chaos and when any shifts are made within the field all members feel the effect, differently, based on their positions.

Without a flicker of doubt we know, other aspects of our lives flourish when we take the time to nourish our interactional force fields by taking part in activities, conversations, and organizations that re-energize our purpose and passion. With our presence we cater to the growth of our communities, strengthening the force field and making it possible for us all to experience different life-cycle stages as opportunities for success.

We have mentioned in previous newsletters that we prioritize youth employment and households living beyond the poverty threshold and when you interact with us through our newsletter and other social media networks you give us the opportunity to nourish our purpose and passion.

Therefore, we would like to extend our gratitude to existing and new members who have joined our online communities via our social media networks, your connection is highly appreciated.

This week, ask yourself how can I nourish my interactional force field?

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