“There’s nothing more rewarding than seeing [youth] lives and careers take off”

– Gilbert Pooley

Every week we discover a variety of organisations dedicated to the development of the youth, owner-managed businesses and households in South Africa. It is one of our pleasures to be a part of an industry that assists under-valued youth and owner-managed businesses help themselves.

At the Gryphon Foundation, we sculpt potential and vision into passion and purpose that opens doors to active economic participation in order to generate a legacy for future generations. We source and deploy funds that support job creation and enterprise development programmes that stimulates the growth of local economies.

One way in which we source funds is through our Re-Energize with Passion and Purpose Fundraiser Series. We are fully aware that the youth are capable change agents, modern-day heroes ready to make a serious impact on the world and we want to leave a legacy that support their work. When we launched our fundraiser series it was a no-brainer that all proceeds made through the fundraiser would be used to place unemployed youth in owner-managed businesses.

In a previous newsletter we discussed how as conscious leaders it is up to us to create and hold space for the youth to practice skills for the shared benefit to all. This week we call on you to pause and appreciate the list of things below you can do with the Foundation to create and hold space for the independent, innovative value creators in South Africa.

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Reserve the 19th of August 2021 in your calendar to tuck into Business Nuggets From A Novice Biker with Keynote Speaker: Jacques van Heerden.

Jacques has occupied leadership positions since his pre-teen years and this experience has served him well for more than 30 years during his corporate career and as strategy and leadership success coach.

He has impacted communities by delivering programmes of Acts of Kindness and serving the needs of households both spiritually and physically. It was during this time that he discovered his love for raising and mentoring leaders of leaders.

Jacques is passionate about helping everyone articulate their dreams and identifying the actions that will give them the positive momentum to achieve them.

He believes that true joy lies in setting the direction for your life, career or organization and being energized by your journey to reach your desired destination. Everyone has purpose and the foundation wants to support both the uncovering and pursuit of that purpose with passion and strategy.

Listen to Jacques Talk About The Power of Community