You are fantastic. Reach for your stars, because now you can be anything and everything you want to be.”


Archbishop Desmond Tutu


The digital landscape has grown exponentially and rapidly redefined business operational models. Covid-19 has cemented the aspirational buzzword, “digital business” into reality across industries. Digital businesses are companies that consumers can easily find on the internet, communicate with at any time via a chatbot and digitally provides valuable, informative content about their products or services. These are factors that influence the user’s experience and decision to contribute to an organization’s revenue growth.


The expansion of the digital landscape has created opportunities for organizations and the youth to explore. The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) published a report on the Digital Skills Gap in South Africa. Referring to the report at the Youth Digital Skills Forum event, Joey Khuvutlu shared that 83% of senior-level respondents indicated that they have to offer digital marketing and advertising training to new employees regardless of their function or experience.


It is our experience that youth, what is referred to as the “Generation Z”, absorb the dynamics of the digital world quite effortlessly. Therefore, all organisations require youth with the character and digital aptitude to remain innovative to sustain a strong signature presence in the marketplace.


Our job as organisations and conscious leaders is to create space and hold the space for the youth to practice these skills for the shared benefit to all. This will serve as a reminder to the youth in South Africa that indeed they are fantastic and now “can be anything and everything [they] want to be.”


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Jacques van Heerden, The Gryphon Foundation’s founder, is a internationally accredited Mentor Business Coach (MBCI, Aus), Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner (iPEC) and Comensa Crediatialised Practitioner

His background covers considerable experience in operations management in a World Class manufacturing environment with in-depth exposure to Sales & Marketing, Strategic Business Analysis and ERP business consulting.

Jacques is passionate and committed to help individuals and business rediscover their reason for being and spark immediate action through a tailored process of strategic thinking, planning and implementation


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