“The secret to happiness is freedom…and the secret to freedom is courage” – Thucydides, Historian

We often imagine there is a significant gap between where we are and where we would like to be and as we work towards closing this gap we encounter many firsts. The list of firsts is endless and includes, viz. the first person to complete matric in the family, the first to leave their corporate job to start a business that employs generations to come, the first to mentor SME owners and the first to have audacious goals. Essentially, all firsts require a person to exercise their courage.

As we exercise our courage, we create our own happiness that many can celebrate and even and even be inspired. Our lives are a reminder their audacious goals were not birthed in vain and without knowing it we have contributed to a form of generational freedom.

Whatever the goals you may be, whatever frustration you may be feeling or failure you might have experienced, we pursuing; we would like to thank you for following the impulses of your many firsts as you are “cementing a footprint for others to follow in the future”. It pioneers a path for them filled with ease and clear direction.

Finish this sentence “I am the first to…”

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Tip: remember that anything that follows “I am” is filled with powerful creator energy, what you believe makes you who you are.