“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” – Leonardo da Vinci

When we aim to move upwards, we spiral right into elaborate processes that involve endless research and thinking on the topic and after some time we begin to realize that we are nowhere close to our desired goal. In this instance, the best solution might be to ‘torch’ the research and start simply.

We tend to overlook that the most impactful ideas in the world and our lives are set upon the simplest of solutions.

Philip Uglow writes in a blog post titled: How Difficult Problems Are Solved By Simple Solutions – “We feel that the more we grow as a business, the more elaborate our processes should be; otherwise, we may not be taken seriously as big players. However, elevating your mission doesn’t mean you have to complicate your vision. Be clear about why you do what you do.”

To apply Leonardo da Vinci’s view of simplicity, ask “what process can I simplify this week that will continue to emphasize why I do what I do?”

Our website has helped us clarify why we do what we do.