“How did you accomplish that?.”

“Same as everything else. Gradually, then all at once” – James Clear

We often take for granted how we acquired our skillsets. The skills and accomplishments we confidently spread out in our LinkedIn profiles and gently introduce into friendly conversations.

Academy Awards winner for the best feature documentary “My Octopus Teacher”, Pippa Ehrlich, diverted from her initial career path and decided to focus her attention on a documentary that won her an Oscar, we imagine she had to gradually learn new ways of creating this Netflix masterpiece, like much of what happens to us when we are imperceptibly growing skills that later prove to be significant.

The gradual development in our skillset builds our confidence, making us feel fulfilled one completed task at a time.

We dare you to acknowledge memories that remind you of where you started and which Mister Miyagi training hacks you used to acquire your valuable skillset. To do this we suggest you use your LinkedIn profile.

Which Training Hacks Elevated Your Career Path?

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